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    « on: July 12, 2019, 12:31:04 PM »
    I think the website is key to bond the players to this new mode.
    I have a few suggestions to make to improve the website

    -Darker background, better choice of colors.

    -Getting rid of "page by page" function marketplace have. scrolling down to an endless void is much enjoyable than clicking 'next page'.

    -It would be better if choices like settings, clan, players, etc would be on top of the website instead of the left side.

    -I don't know it bothers anyone, but I hate clicking twice to enter a page such as "Champion->inventory". I think it would be better if clicking 'Champions' made
    you enter a new page, and you could go to your inventory from that new page.


    -It would be awesome if we could see how armors looked on us on the website.

    There must be many more things to be fixed, but these are the ones came into my mind