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    Champions Ruleset
    « on: July 04, 2019, 11:45:19 PM »



    In-Game Rules

    § 1 Conduct
    § 2 Cheating
    § 3 On-server behavior
    § 4 Admins

    Forum Rules

    § 1 General
    § 2 Behavior

    In-Game Rules

    § 1 Conduct

    (1) Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules.
    (2) In order to maintain a healthy environment players must be respectful and polite towards one another and anyone else on the forum and in-game. If a player shows a poor attitude and displays rudeness or immaturity he or she will be punished by the administration. The range of punishments reaches from a warning to a ban at the discretion of a Champion mod admin, depending on the weight of the crime.
    (3) Racism is strictly forbidden and will result in a mute and if repeated - in a ban.
    (4) Harassment of administrators isn't tolerated, refrain from doing so, if there is an issue with an admin, file a complaint to the head administrator or mod owner.
    (5) Ban evading is forbidden. If a person is found out ban evading, ban duration on his main account will be extended and all other accounts/keys will be banned permanently.
    (6) Reports are taken seriously by administrators, trolling the system will result in severe punishments.

    § 2 Cheating

    (1) It is strictly prohibited to gain an advantage by modifying texture files or using game modifications such as aimbots or autoblock. Every player that is found to have modified texture files or using game modifications in order to gain an advantage will be banned from the mod.
    (2) In case you are unsure whether your game modification is allowed, ask the administration for clarification in your specific case.
    (3) List of Allowed Modifications can be found below.
    (4) When requested by an admin players must take a screenshot of their game view while holding any kind of ranged weapon or, if they have no ranged weapon, their melee weapon, spear or lance. Players should ensure the screenshot that contains the admin message, the scoreboard and buildings or players. Concerned players must send their screenshot to an admin immediately. Failing to comply with any part of this rule may result in a penalty for that player.
    (5) When requested by any admin, players have to either record or stream their footage of all matches where they take part. Refusing or not fulfilling such a request will result in a permanent ban.

    § 3 On-server behavior

    (1) Intentional teamkilling is not allowed.
    (2) Revenge teamkilling is not allowed.
    (3) Colluding with players of the opposite team as well as Assisting enemy team is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to: Avoiding fight; Opening gates/doors; Purposely getting in the way of archers on your team and etc.
    (4) Delaying a round on purpose is not allowed.
    (5) Glitching is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Attacking through doors; Accessing map locations that are not meant to be accessed and etc.
    (6) Combat logging is not allowed.
    (7) Disrupting duels on duel server by any means is not allowed.
    (8 ) Continuous harassment, insulting, toxicity towards a person or group of people is strictly forbidden.
    (9) Using inappropriate nicknames is not allowed.
    (10) Impersonating someone by using their nickname or nickname similar to their in a manner that makes it hard to distinguish two from each other is not allowed.

    § 4 Admins

    (1) Admins are not allowed to use privileges and tools for any purpose other than peacekeeping.
    (2) Admins are not allowed to use admin chat for general talk.
    (3) Admins are not allowed to mute/ban/kick players without warning them first. Exception for this rule is § 2

    Forum Rules

    § 1 General

    (1) No Duplicate posts. Posting twice with the same sentence or posting the same thing across multiple boards is not allowed — please condense these into one post.
    (2) No Multi-posting — if you need to add something, and yours was the last post in the thread, edit your last post instead of adding a new one.
    (3) No Excessive “Meme” images — especially when not accompanied by text.
    (4) No Quote pyramids — quotes embedded within quotes which serve no purpose or consistent quoting of an original post.
    (5) No Off-Topic. Each Subboard is designed for a purpose and should be used only for that purpose. Use Off-Topic Subboard for unrelated conversations and discussions.
    (6) No extra accounts, multiple accounts used for any purpose is prohibited.

    § 2 Behavior

    (1) Flaming or trolling is not tolerated; this includes but is not limited to deliberately trying to provoke an argument (flame-baiting), personal insults and verbal attacks.
    (2) Harassment of other users will not be tolerated either; this relates to PM-harassment or harassment by constantly insulting users across multiple threads, or by making disparaging comments that have no content relevant to the topics/discussion.
    (3) Racism of any kind will not be tolerated. This is an international community with members from many different cultures and backgrounds. Breaking this carries the same penalties as above. Note that this includes (but is by no means limited to) sexism, homophobia, religious based hatred and similar.
    (4) NSFW, explicit or otherwise illegal material includes but not limited to child pornography, a person's death, graphic violence or gore, pornographic images/site links are strictly prohibited and will result in harsh punishment.
    (5) Posting personal/private information of other users or links to them is not allowed.
    (6) Advertising of any kind is not allowed, unless it was approved by administration.

    If you have witnessed any rulebreaking, please use our Report section to notify us.

    Spoiler for Allowed Client Modifications:

    Punishment system is simple and reads as following:
    • 1 Warning - Fine;
    • 2 Warnings - Fine;
    • 3 Warnings - 24 hour ban.
    • 1 Warning during 1-st week after 24 hour ban - 48 hour ban.
    • 1 Warning during 1-st week after 48 hour ban - 1 week ban.
    • 1 Warning during 1-st week after 1 week ban - 1 month ban.
    • 1 Warning during 1-st week after 1 month ban - 3 months ban.

    The rules are subject to change and should be checked on a regular basis. All changes will be posted here by the staff team.

    Spoiler for Hiden:
    21/06/2019: Added Revenge Teamkilling. [§ 3, p. 2]
    26/06/2019: Added Ban Evading; Added Gradually Increasing Punishments;
    27/06/2019: Added Allowed Modifications Rule [§ 2, p.3] & List itself.
    05/07/2019: Ban Evading, was missing, actually added it. [§ 1, p.5]
    06/07/2019: Multiple accounts aren't allowed added [§ 2, p.6]
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