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    Champions Current State
    « on: July 27, 2019, 06:59:15 pm »

    Champions Current State

    Dear Champion(s),

    We would like to begin by thanking every single player who has signed up and actively played the mod. We all know this mod is not perfect, but we are trying everyday to better the mod for all who play. Sabo0o with the help of W├╝stenkrieger have created this mod in their free time, so of course there will be some minor and some very large bumps in the road but we as in 'the staff team' are all working towards a single goal which is to create a module which can not only be enjoyable now but enjoyable into the future (until bannerlord comes).

    We pledge that we are listening to all suggestions, feedback and criticism which has been posted. We have been reading every single suggestions and been trying to implement them. From the suggestions we have created a list of things we will try to work on. Thank you to everyone who has written any suggestions, feedback and criticism it means a lot and we hope you will continue to do it!

    Sabo0o will begin working on a true balance for both siege and battle, which will work similarly but different on both servers on siege it will have a class limit while on battle it will have a class balance. We will begin adding new maps which are both fun and practical they should be added to the servers soon. We are also focused fully on reviewing all maps new and old to ensure that if any problems are found we can solve them quickly so players can get back to doing what they most enjoy! We have structured the admin team you can see it here.

    Sabo0o will also be focused on adding new items, banners & working on new better ways people can find a way to enjoy playing Champions. He will also be adding in clan perks, which will add a real meaning to clan wars which they have been lacking as of late. Tournaments will be hosted which are professional, worth-while and convenient for all players involved they will be hosted by the staff team and members of the community. He will be working on checking out all weapons and ensuring they are all balanced both in-game and on the site. He will also be working on a system where players can organise and play two vs two and three vs three while earning/losing gold.

    Sabo0o has now fully implemented the clan treasury, which will allow you to deposit or withdraw your gold at will. He has also added in a log which will show all the gold you are getting and shows all data on the players who contribute gold and exp which is added to the chest, members who are adding gold to the chest or people who are taking the gold.

    Sabo0o will be working hard on all the mentioned above none of it will change overnight but in the upcoming weeks and updates you will notice real change within the mod. Thank you for playing Champions!
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